“Gruppo Speleologico Prealpino” is a free association estabilished on 4th march 2002 by Guglielmo Ronaghi. This new association is aimed to investigate, explore and study the natural caves located underneath the mounts of Valceresio, Campo dei Fiori and near other karst areas in province of Varese, with the purpose to realize important and exclusive future scientific publications concerning all the investigations carried out. All the activities promoted by “Gruppo Speleologico Prealpino” can be divided into two main fields:


investigation and exploration

Of the natural caves, data collection and classification of hypogea, studying the information collected in order to create a Speleological Cadastre and, above all, a scientific publication, related to the karst phenomena located underneath Valceresio where more than 70 natural caves have been identified so far, thanks to the efforts of cavers such as Guglielmo Ronaghi and Gian Paolo Rivolta, who have been actively working since 1981.


promotional, educational and cultural activities

Promoting all that concerns speleology, above all in relation with the safeguard and protection of all superficial and deep karst resources in our territory. These aspects which demand a well-trained staff and also remarkable commitment, are developed through these initiatives:

  • Courses of introduction to speleology, under the aegis of Club Alpino Italiano's “National School of Speleology”, in order to find new associates and to make young people and adventure lovers interested in this discipline.
  • Organization of events showing photo and video features of speleological expeditions, displayed in the premises of cultural Associations, sport teams, libraries, schools.
  • Promoting stalls during local festival, exhibitions, fairs and other events offering direct interaction with people, in order to show them the meaning of speleology in the most suitable way.
  • Documentary film making on speleology, pointing out all the most interesting scientific aspects such as geology, caves' morphologies, the different life forms in the underground, all the phenomena connected with subterranean water circulation, in addition to the most spectacular aspects of adventure, the vertical progression, the emotion of discovering unexplored and mysterious places. The subscrition to G.S. Prealpino is not to be intended only for speleologists, but for everyone who shares its aims and wishes to contribute through his/hes work, knowledge and ability to increase the quality and development of our association.